Informational Resources

Health Insurance

Medicaid and Hawai‘i QUEST are two forms of medical coverage provided for eligible low-income Hawai‘i residents. You may apply for QUEST or Medicaid if you are pregnant and need medical coverage.

US Uninsured Help Line: 1-800-234-1317

Foundation for Health Coverage Education
The Foundation for Health Coverage Education offers a wide array of tools and resources to help Hawai‘i residents find and enroll in a health coverage program.

Hawai‘i Health Care Options Matrix
The Hawai‘i Health Care Options Matrix is a hand-held guide that outlines the public and private health care choices for individuals and groups in Hawai‘i in almost every demographic profile. This matrix also offers a reference list of phone numbers and websites to help you find the health insurance that best fits your needs.

Private Health Insurance Coverage

Individual and Family, Short-term and Small Group Health Insurance Plans:

For a complete list of volunteer brokers in your area who can guide you through the process of finding a private health insurance plan, visit or call the U.S. Uninsured Help Line at 800-234-1317. To research free private insurance quotes online, visit

Plans for Individuals Recently Covered by an Employer Health Plan:

COBRA or state continuation coverage:
Your employer will provide you with an Election Form that you must sign in order to continue receiving benefits. You may also need to begin paying the monthly premium at that time as well.

For more information about the Hawai‘i Insurance Continuation Program (H-COBRA), visit the Hawai‘i Department of Health Website.

HIPP: You must apply for Medicaid to see if the state will pay your COBRA premium.
HIPAA: Obtain a Certificate of Coverage from your group health plan, which you will then present to the new health plan.

Public Health Insurance Programs

Med-Quest (QUEST Hawai‘i )
Commonly known as QUEST, this program provides health coverage for eligible Hawai‘i residents. It provides medical and mental health services; Dental Services are provided under the Medicaid Fee-For-Service Program. QUEST is administered by the Department of Human Services, Med-QUEST Division, and is financed through the State of Hawai‘i and the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.