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Paying for Your Care

There are a number of government-sponsored programs that provide health insurance coverage for family planning and pregnancy-related services including Medicaid’s Quest Program and family planning programs at community health centers.


Medicaid provides medical coverage for people who meet certain eligibility requirements. Medicaid covers prenatal care and family planning services, including emergency contraception, birth control, and abortions, from any Medicaid provider without a referral from your doctor. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can quickly and temporarily enroll in Medicaid to cover the cost of an abortion procedure. A counselor at the clinic or office of the abortion provider can help arrange this coverage for you. Citizenship or legal immigration status is required for eligibility.

Family Planning, Abortion or Prenatal Care Services Might Be Covered Even If You Don’t Qualify for General Medicaid Benefits!

The Family Planning Program covers family planning services, excluding abortion and pre-natal care, for people who cannot afford them but whose incomes are too high for regular Medicaid Citizenship. Legal immigration status is required for eligibility. See our Resource Directory for a list of family planning providers.

The Family Planning Extension Program (FPEP) extends coverage for family planning services, excluding abortion and pre-natal care, for women and adolescents who lose their Medicaid eligibility after the end of their pregnancy. The family planning coverage can extend up to two years after a woman completes her pregnancy. Women and adolescents are eligible regardless of their citizenship/immigration status


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