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Becoming a Parent

Continuing Your Pregnancy

If you plan to continue your pregnancy, it is important that you begin prenatal care with a qualified health care provider to ensure that you will continue to have a healthy pregnancy. If you are concerned that the medical care associated with a pregnancy may be too expensive for you to afford, you should know that you may be eligible for Medicaid coverage through your pregnancy and beyond. In Hawai‘i, financial help is available for low-income women through the Medicaid’s Quest program. The MothersCare referral line offers free information and referrals to women on a broad range of pregnancy related issues.

Choosing a Health Care Provider

When planning your birth, you have options in choosing what type of health care provider you prefer to assist you. Options include obstetricians/gynecologists, midwives and family practice doctors. Each of these providers is affiliated with a hospital or clinic. Home births are also available through some providers, where the processes of labor and birth occur at your own home.

Choosing your care provider is an important decision in determining what type of birth experience you will have. You may want to interview a few people before deciding on a provider to ensure he or she meets your birthing needs. Check out the philosophy of the hospitals delivery department by visiting their website. Some places offer tours of their labor and delivery departments, which provide a good opportunity to ask staff about their approach to the child birth experience. Questions to ask include: Can you have a natural child birth experience and what types of pain control options are available? Asking friends, family members and neighbors for their recommendations and experiences is also a good way to learn more about doctors in your area.

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