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Lillemer Products LLC




45-558 Kamehameha Hwy, C12
Kaneohe, HI HI


The owner of Lillemer Products designed and sells lil’buds Breast Comfort Packs for nursing mothers which are designed to therapeutically treat breast pains while providing the most comfortable and relaxing nursing experience for both Mother and Baby. The packs have several applications; they can be used warm while breastfeeding or pumping to stimulate let down or they can be worn warm or cold when resting or nursing to relieve pains associated with clogged ducts or mastitis. 

The design of the lil’buds breast comfort packs stemmed from a desire to create something luxuriously soft and easily portable, while yet functional and environmentally safe.  The packs slim profile, curved shape, soft flannel exterior, and all-natural filling enables you to wear them comfortably in your bra while nursing or resting giving both Mother and Baby a soothing breastfeeding experience.

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