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Sacred Birthing School




Sacred Birthing offers an approach to birth where a sacred energy field is anchored, allowing the high spiritual potential, the vast consciousness of the whole being, to incarnate as perfectly as possible in a physical body, in order to retain the energetic excellence of the newborn.

Sacred Birthing realigns birth with the Intelligence of Natural Law. By birthing softly, babies remain conscious, and remember that they are beings of love, never losing their conscious connection to their higher nature. Each newborn radiating this coherence transforms its family, community, nation and world.

Sacred Birthing is a body of knowledge and ‘softbirth’ practices to inspire parents and birth professionals to create sacred soft birth.

We assist parents to reinstate birth as the perfection it already is;  to create and take responsibility for a sacred, loving and trusting conception, pregnancy and birth;  to welcome their babies as their greatest expression of who they came to be.

BIRTHING A NEW HUMANITY:  We regularly offer Workshops, Retreats, Classes and Special Events on Kaua’i to support individuals who are expanding into greater consciousness.  Look for more becoming available on other Hawai’ian islands and across the US.  Programs and events are for everyone ~ individuals, parents, parents-to-be and birthing professionals.

BIRTHING:  The focus of every Sacred Birthing training is to remind parents and birth professionals that consciousness is the major aspect of birth and must be reinstated if our babies are going to reach their full potential. By adding a spiritual perspective to birth, a larger wholeness presents.  It is not just a sentimental way to look at birth;  it is an energetic reality that supports the evolution of consciousness.

In this intimate and sacred event, how do we, as parents and birth professionals, work with, anchor and hold the energy of birth?  How do we support the physical body and all subtle bodies of a baby, so its connection to its vast consciousness remains intact?

Every Training or Birthshop will include or deepen these topics:

  • Learn SoftBirth practices to receive a baby in a pristine state.
  • Work with Nature & Spirit to support growth, coherence & health.
  • Learn or strengthen your trust in your inner guidance.
  • Clear your own birth trauma for greater ease in life.
  • Understand vibration and how it affects birth, and the consciousness of each newborn.
  • Align with the birth energy to raise the vibration and enhance baby’s life.


Barbara Essman -
Sunni Karll -
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(808) 286-3602 - Kauai (Barbara Essman) - Type: Main

(808) 822-4644 - Kauai (Kim Luchau) - Type: Main