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Bowenwork Hawaii




32 Kainehe Street
Suite 207
Kailua, HI 96734


Bowenwork is a gentle, safe and effective manual therapy that balances tension patterns in the body, resulting in a state of deep relaxation.

It affects not only the musculoskeletal framework, but also fascia, nerves, and internal organs. The body’s integrated response to Bowenwork improves circulation and lymphatic drainage; it also enhances the assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins from the body.

As per Sandra Gustafson BSN, RN Senior Instructor of the Bowen Therapy Academy of
Australia: “Bowenwork offers unique and exciting possibilities in optimising the outcome of
both mother and baby in the preconception, prenatal, labour and delivery and post
partum situations.

“In the first trimester, Bowenwork has been useful in managing nausea of morning
sickness, fatigue and emotional fluctuations and helping the body adapt to its new
state of pregnancy.

“As the pregnancy progresses, it has been very helpful in relieving lower back pain,
sciatica, hiccoughs, respiratory problems, even asthma and gastric discomfort such
as heartburn and reflux, often eliminating the need for medications that may adversely affect the fetus.”

808-389-0532 - Kailua and Honolulu Offices - Type: Service/Intake