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Breastfeeding Chef




Plant-based culinary nutrition and lifestyle guidance for breastfeeders-to-be, new nursing moms and weaning moms. The Nursing Mama Consult is for breastfeeding women who want to address issues like low milk supply, fatigue, weight loss and baby’s colic, skin rashes and allergy symptoms with a customized approach using whole foods and wellness tips for mother and baby. As part of a thorough and individualized consultation, a Food and Symptom Assessment Form is completed prior to our meeting. During the consult, attention is focused on any concerns shared about your breastfeeding experience. Your questions and further discussion are encouraged during our time together. The consultation package includes written information and guidance, including my Nursing Mama Power Foods list and a recipe packet designed specifically for you. Follow up is important. 7-10 days after our meeting we check-in to discuss your progress and any further concerns or questions. Initial consultations allow up to 60 minutes. Follow-up includes up to 20 minutes, with additional time scheduled according to fees as needed.