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American Red Cross




4155 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI 96816


-Lifesaving training to almost 20,000 people per year (Infant CPR, first aid, aquatics, babysitting, pet first aid, and nurse aide training)
-Free Annual Summer Swim program for over 45 years at Ala Moana Beach for hundreds of keiki and adults, and a volunteer teen Summer Buddies leadership program.
-Workplace Safety teaches workers how to prevent injuries and respond to life threatening emergencies
-Caregiving teaches families to care for loved ones at home, or in a career to care for sick, elderly and disabled in a care setting.
-Disaster preparedness information was shared with over 27,000 people on how to prepare for emergencies
-Pre-deployment briefings provided to 17,000 servicemen and families
Oahu: 808.737.2101 Maui: 808.244.0051 Big Island: 808.935.8305

(808) 245-4919 - Kauai County Office - Type: Main

(808) 935-8305 - Hawaii County Office - Type: Main

(808) 935-8305 - Hawaii Disaster Relief - Type: Program

(808) 244-0051 - Maui Disaster Relief - Type: Program

(808) 245-4919 - Kauai Disaster Relief - Type: Program

(808) 734-2101 - Oahu - Type: Main

(808) 739-8113 - Oahu Disaster Relief - Type: Program