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Alu Like, Inc. - Pulama I Na Keiki


567 South King Street, #132
Honolulu, HI 96813


Program Purpose
To help families of Hawaiian children prepare them for educational success.

Program Services
The program offers prenatal and infant/toddler services including home visits, workshops and parent/toddler groups. Our parent educators provide:
(1) Culturally relevant information on prenatal health, childbirth, child development and child rearing.
(2) Activities that help families encourage their children's interest in learning.
(3) Links to community resources.

Program Philosophy
Parents and the extended family are a child's first teachers and the home is a child's first classroom. Early experiences carry over into a child's educational experiences.

Parents want their children to succeed. By building on family and cultural strengths, they can increase their knowledge and understanding of factors that contribute to their children's educational success.

Program Participation
Our goal is to work with families of Hawaiian and part-Hawaiian children as early as possible. Preference is given to families with or expecting a first of second child.

Prenatal services: Hapai women, preferably in first trimester.

Infant/Toddler Services: Children up to six months of age.

(808) 535-6766 - Honolulu - Administrative Office - Type: Main